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Contractor Leads and Appointment Scheduling

Thank you for your interest in Real Estate Federal’s lead generation and appointment scheduling program for contractors.  If you are ready to start receiving  unlimited and  exclusive real estate leads, please review the information below and call (830) 268-4000 or you can also submit your application  on this website.  The sooner we get your application, the faster we can help you become the most successful  number one top-rated contractor in your market.

The way our contractor program works is very simple:

  1. We schedule appointments with prospects looking for a free estimate and ready to meet in person!
  2. You get exclusive contractor leads with unlimited zip codes.
  3. Your membership includes unlimited cold calling operator hours and we develop local landing pages for every zip code in your target market.  We also advertise and use social media to generate leads.
  4. Our goal is to send you ten to twenty estimates per month.  We guarantee a minimum of one hundred estimates per year.
  5. The membership for an entire  year of exclusive leads and unlimited appointments is only $3,900 which covers the cost of purchasing a home owner database of 50,000 records in your target zip codes.  All programs have a service guarantee and we refresh your home owner database quarterly.  We ask for a five percent referral fee for each closed transaction.

Just one good appointment covers the cost of joining.  In addition, we have an incentive to send you as many contractor leads as possible!

We generate contractor leads by offering consumers the chance to connect with the best top-rated contractors who will give them a free estimate.  We also offer consumers a free consultation with contractors so they can get ideas on how to increase their property value.

Real Estate Federal offers exclusive contractor leads ready to meet in person!  We advertise nationally, make cold calls in your target zip codes,  and manage over 1,500 marketing websites.  When you have a chance to meet with a prospect in person, your conversion ratio is far higher than when you try to chase down prospects on the telephone.  Since 1994, management has been generating contractor leads and developing custom business software for contractors, mortgage banks, and real estate brokers.

In summary, the association helps you reduce stress, focus on developing relationships, and you make more money with less work.  Just send us your target zip codes, pay for the initial prospect database,  and we will send you exclusive leads ready to meet in person.

Please feel free to give us a call or reply to this email if you are ready to get started.  The membership office can be reached at (830) 268-4000.

You can also activate your contractor membership or review our advertising programs at the following link: http://ContractorLeads.Marketing.

Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter.  We look forward to generating leads for your business.